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Attention New Orleans

New Orleans
  • Date: Feb. 16, 2018
  • Time: 7pm to 8pm
  • Location: NolaSpaces
  • Address: 1719 Toledano St. New Orleans, LA 70115
  • Class Fee: $15 for first 10 signup's and $20 for everyone else

New Orleans! Your are the 9th stop on my Stomach Sculpting Tour and I’m looking forward to coming your way to join forces with your very own @moeflippen for an innovative #StomachSculpting “SILENT” Class presented by @2ndtononefitness next Friday-2/16. If you reside or no someone that resides in New Orleans or surrounding areas. I'm a striving pillar of change in the fitness world on mission to teach abdominal enthusiasts across the world how to reduce belly fat, lose inches and sculpt their abs with #innovation! Follow my lead and NO FAT FORMED AGAINST YOUR STOMACH WILL PROSPER! #GuruofAbs™️ #StomachSculpting™️ Sculpting Trainer Stomach Sculpting Standing Abs

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