Mr. Johnson,

I'm a bit surprised that more comments don't appear on this testimonials page since all of your classes are literally standing room only. I've been going to your weekend ab sessions for sometime now and rarely have I seen less than 50 people in attendance. It's a fun and exciting class that I look forward to during the week because I know that not only am I going to enjoy myself and get a good workout but I can rest assured that the facilitator is a true professional. I encourage anyone reading this to stop in, check out the class and experience it for themselves... you will not be disappointed. Thanks DaShaun you for all of the work that you do, the motivation and loads of fun on Saturday afternoons :)

I have been taking DaShaun's Ab Class for over a year and absolutely love it. I have his class to thank for getting me into shape for my wedding. The work outs are challenging and innovative. The classes are high energy and jam-packed with great routines that you would never be able to come up with on your own. DaShaun's demeanor is great too - he pushes you to work very hard, but has a good sense of humor about it. DaShaun's Ab Class is something I look forward to every week. I highly recommend this class - you will see results!

Great class tonight, dude!

DaShaun is wonderful abs coach. What seperates him from your typical trainer is he has mastered this type of fitness to a science. He offers detail instruction through his coaching in his classes as well offering advice to those hoping to accomplished their fitness goals. If he wanted to, he could make my 90 year old grandmother have a six pack before the summer.

I started training with DaShaun about a year ago and I can really see the results. He is soooooooooo good that other trainers look to him for advice on different exercises. DaShaun is a true teacher because he knows your strengths and weaknesses because he gets to know you. He is personable and flexible with training times and dates. He is the best and can help anyone who is ready to make a change. The workouts are never the same. He knows what you need and how make you work hard. I highly recommend him to those who want to improve how you look and feel.

I urge everyone to contact DaShaun for his Personal Training skill and experience. I've been training with DaShaun for a year and have seen POSITIVE results, more than working out by myself. Every appointment with DaShaun is a different experience, he has awesome technique and innovative twists in using every piece of gym equipment. Because of this, I look forward to my training and the end result I'm striving to achieve. In my opinion, DaShaun is the BEST EVAH!!!

DaShaun AB Classes are amazing too. Each session leaves you fully worked out and drenched in SWEAT! DaShaun is the REAL DEAL!

Deshawn's "Ab" class is the best! He explains the routine very carefully and gets you ready to hit your workout hard. The ab classes are always wonderful! Not only do they get your heart beating fast, but you gat an excellent workout. When I finish the class, I feel energized and ready for my swimsuit this summer. Thank-you DeShawn!

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