When it comes to abs & core workouts, many people struggle with chronic low back pain & poor core strength. My goal with my Sculpting Abs & Core program is make various pieces of equipment & products available to accompany the workouts.

Built with professional quality PVC material, our anti-burst, workout stability ball can stand up to the most rigorous workouts up to 2000 lbs all while preventing you from slipping off! With a quick and easy setup, included with the Sculpting Abs & Core Stability Ball is a quick, dual action inflation air pump to easily and quickly inflate the balance ball. The stability ball is delivered deflated and can be pumped up in minutes with minimal effort.

If you're tired of endless sit-ups and would like a professional quality, ultra durable, burst-resistant stability ball, perfect for tough workouts and everyday use, our Sculpting Abs & Core Stability Ball will be the ideal choice for beginner and advanced use!